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40 Black Travel Bloggers Everyone Should Know

You would think that the travel industry would be one of those niches that are really diverse due to the nature of the business, but nope non-black people make up the majority of what we see in the industry today.

When we look at most travel hashtags on social media and travel content, in general, it is overwhelmingly lacking in diversity.

If we’re going to make a change in the way Black people are viewed and treated in this world we have to re-work EVERY industry.

This post is about creating a directory for people who are looking to expand the creators that they support or even businesses that are looking to hire and work with Black content creators but don’t know where to start.

As a Black travel blogger myself I know how important it is to see people who look like you in an industry that you’re passionate about, so that’s why I created this post of 40 Black Travel Bloggers everyone should know about!

Keep on reading to see who’s on the list.

  1. Glo – The Blog Abroad
  2. Jo – Damon & Jo 
  3. Abena – Travelling Tuesdays 
  4. Ky – OhitsKyb
  5. Michelle – Spontaneous Behaviour
  6. Eva – Mylifeaseva 
  7. Oneika – Oneika The Traveller 
  8. Mia – Thatmiagirl
  9. Jazz – Vagabondjazz
  10. Kenny – Kennyheartslife
  11. Tiffy – Tiffy Diamond Show
  12. Chelsea – Witandwishes 
  13. Kelay – Kelaywasthere
  14. Chicora – Wetravelchic
  15. Roxanne – Roaming Roxanne 
  16. Nessa – Nesufu
  17. Charly – Charly Cheer
  18. Lauren – Outdoorsydiva 
  19. Francesca – One Girl One World
  20. Rosalind – Farsightedgirl
  21. Tameika – Tameikagtravels 
  22. Dev – Walkwithmswalker 
  23. Lee – Spirited Pursuit 
  24. Jeandra – Curious Tides
  25. Travis – Mister Levius
  26. Erik – Minority Nomad
  27. Nathan -World Wide Nate
  28. Ernest – Fly Brother
  29. Ciara – Hey Ciara
  30. Martinique – Marty San Diego
  31. Karen – The Mom Trotter
  32. Vanessa – Frothere
  33. Leah -Leah’s Layovers
  34. Alexandria – Alex Maya Simone
  35. Phil – Philwaukee
  36. Brian – Beyondbmore
  37. Jeff – Chubby Diaries
  38. Maryjane – Maryjane Byarm
  39. Jubril – Passport Heavy
  40. Zina – Zina Tara

No matter what you’re doing to make a difference in yourself and the world around you, your actions are important.

By simply expanding where your content comes from, you’re taking a step in the right direction when it comes to Black people being heard and seen in the travel industry.

Black travel creators deserve to have a voice and representation just like everyone else, so I hope that this list of 40 Black Travel Bloggers brought you closer to some inspiring people!

If you’re looking to take more actions after reading this post, then I urge you to visit the Black Lives Matter website to start educating yourself and even donate to the movement if you can.

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