Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve backpacked around France for a few months solo and didn’t come across any unsafe situations. 

Be aware that there is danger pretty much everywhere, whether you’re in your hometown or abroad danger can come up at any moment. 

That’s why it’s important to possess certain knowledge and skills that will keep you safe while travelling solo, everyone has the ability to learn how to travel safely so yes it’s totally safe to travel solo.

One word, discipline. You can achieve almost anything in the world if you have enough discipline. 

For me that meant skipping nights out with friends, taking my lunch to work and tracking every single cent that went in and out of my account. 

Being educated on budgeting and personal finance are important to saving money and managing your finances well, I didn’t make a lot of money when I first started travelling and you don’t need to either!

Truthfully I just try to make it work. I save money just like everyone else and I prioritize travel in my life. 

I have very little responsibilities so picking up and going away for a few months is never an issue in my personal life. I usually decide when and where I want to go then start saving the money to do it. 

I’m also very creative when it comes to budget travelling so I use sites like Couchsurfing, workaway and skyscanner to help keep my travel costs extremely low. (Affiliate links)

I’ve made a good amount of money online, not six figures but enough to help pay for some of my travels. 

A few ways I make or have made money online are: 

  • Selling Old Items 
  • Teaching English 
  • Freelance Blog Writing 
  • High Interest Savings Account 
  • Affiliate Marketing

I’m currently working on a few other ways to make money online that include: 

  • E-Commerce

I plan most of my trips by doing online research and asking others sometimes my followers what a certain destination is like.

I was in between jobs over the past two years and I recently started working full time as a licenced travel agent. Due to covid-19 I was laid off and unfortunately I’m now unemployed. 

I saved money from the jobs I had to allow me to travel, and I’ve made money from a few side hustles that I’ve done online to make some extra cash.