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How To Travel On A Budget In 2022

The travel industry has changed immensely over the past few years and now that I’m back on the road travelling the world full-time I thought it’d be a great idea to share how you can travel on a budget in 2022. 

With all of the recent changes in the travel industry, things aren’t as affordable as they once were before the pandemic. Flight prices have increased, accommodations in certain countries have increased and overall with inflation things are just generally more expensive than they used to be. 

That doesn’t mean budget travel isn’t possible anymore it just means you have to be a little more patient and extra diligent when planning your upcoming trips. 

In this post, I’ll explain how to travel on a budget in 2022 so that you can continue seeing the world without breaking the bank! 

Budget travel is how I first got started as a broke 20-something-year-old longing to see the world, heck I still am a budget traveller and I don’t think that will ever change. 

With that being said travel creators need to continue sharing the best of budget travel despite travel not looking like how it once did. 

Knowing how to travel on a budget is a game-changer and will allow you to see more of the world than you ever thought possible so let’s get into it! 

How To Travel The World On A Budget In 2022 

1. Purchase Travel Insurance For Protection

Covid 19 is real and alive therefore, travel insurance is the perfect financial protection in case you end up in an unfortunate situation.  

Travel insurance takes the hit so your pockets don’t have to.

You could easily be out 1000s of dollars if you get covid while travelling to cover hotel, medical and testing costs so spare yourself the hassle ahead of time and purchase travel insurance.  

A great travel recommendation is Safety Wing

2. Use A Travel Rewards Credit Card To Build Points 

Building travel rewards is one of the easiest ways to travel for FREE so why not take advantage of it with money you are already going to spend anyways. 

Using a travel rewards credit card allows you to continue with your daily spending like normal but accrue points for every transaction you make. 

Once you’ve built up enough points use your acquired points on travel! 

Some good cards are the, TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite Card, Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite Card, HSBC World Elite Mastercard and for Americans The Platinum Card from American Express.

3. Travel During Off-Season  

There are so many benefits to travelling during the off-season but most importantly it saves you money.  

Hotels and accommodation are cheaper along with activities and you avoid the crowds of tourists during your stay. 

I’m in Mexico during the off-season and there are a lot of affordable apartments and accommodation available compared to if I had visited during the holiday season. 

 4. Travel To Budget Friendly Locations 

Budget-friendly travel destinations are always a vibe here are a few that the travel community stands by:  

  1.  Mexico 
  2. Colombia 
  3. Thailand 
  4. Indonesia 
  5. Portugal
  6. Tanzania 
  7. Kenya  

Your money will go a lot further in these destinations since they have super affordable accommodation along with amazing food and people.  

5. Travel With A Partner To Split Accommodation Costs 

For those of you, lucky people with like-minded friends or partners take those trips together and split the price of accommodation! 

You’ll get to stay at some amazing places when you’re able to split the cost with someone else. 

I’m travelling with my partner and my average monthly rent now comes up to no more than $800 a month compared to the $1600 a month I was paying in rent in Toronto. 

6. Stay At Hostels If You’re A Solo Traveller 

If you’re a solo traveller you can still save some coins by staying at hostels where you share your accommodation with other travellers along the way.  

In some countries you can find a dorm bed in a hostel for as little as $10/night talk about travelling on a budget am I right?! 

I love using Hostel World to find affordable hostels to stay at all around the world. 

7. Negotiate Prices When Appropriate 

Negotiating prices abroad especially in cultures where it’s normal can be a really good way to save money on things you would have otherwise been charged a lot for. 

Negotiating prices is not appropriate in every country so make sure you’re only attempting this in cultures that accept it.  

You can negotiate the price of almost anything in many countries down to taxis, accommodation and even food sometimes.  

BONUS TIP: If you learn some of the local language of the country you’re in it’ll make negotiating much easier 

Overall, budget travel is still alive and thriving despite inflation and many countries now bouncing back from the pandemic. 

If you’re willing to put in the effort, travelling on a budget in 2022 is very much possible and a wonderful way to see the world when you don’t have a ton of money. 

If you’re looking for more budget travel information check out my blog post 11 Budget Travel Hacks Everyone Should Know.

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